What's Your Fu*#*ing Excuse?

So, I asked him...

What’s Your Fucking Excuse For Not Having The Life You Want?

And he just looked at me and finally realized all this time there were NO REAL ANSWERS! 

If you are a MAN reading this, then, my guess is that you are NOT reaching your potential in the following areas…

*Income and Bank Account
*Health, Body, Condition, Shape
*Your relationship with your wife as a husband
*Your relationship with your kids as a father.
*A Kick Ass Businessman, Salesman, Entrepreneur

And You Know It…

Most men that I work with ARGUABLY have one or two of these in pretty good shape but still far from their potential and in some of these cases reaching their potential in these areas may seem like an impossibility.

So Why Am I Bringing This Up and What Does That Have To Do With Investing, Multi-Family Or Even Me and You?


First, I am bringing this up because I find that invariably 50% of my time spent consulting active and passive investors, whether it is raising capital, expanding their multi-family businesses or starting a real estate fund or partnership TURNS to this.   In other words, a guy comes to me to get a real estate fund going and we spend half the time discussing and working on how he can reach his potential as not only an investor but a man in some or all of these areas OUTSIDE of investing.

Because he knows instinctively that his success as an entrepreneur, investor or owner of multi-family properties is specifically correlated to how well he is reaching his potential in these other areas too.

Secondly, I firmly believe that society today is doing everything it can so a man does not really WANT and SHOULD NOT WANT to matter in these areas.  Society does not WANT a man to reach his true potential in these areas and unfortunately many men fall victim to this, choose not to live to their true potential and literally lead, as Thoreau said, Quiet Lives Of Desperation.

Or, what I call Quiet Lives of Unfulfilled Potential.

Stay quiet!  Don’t attract attention!  Don’t rock the boat!  Stay a soft snowflake and NOT lead your business and your family as a man.  In other words stay quiet, go to work and DON’T reach your true potential.

And whatever you do NEVER be politically incorrect either! 

It’s a shame because I find that there is so much untapped potential for men in all of these areas that they CHOOSE to not tap but WISH they would and it is just crazy. 

And I understand it because for me it started with my parents. 

I grew up in a single parent family with a lot of dysfunction.  I was fortunate to get out.  By the grace of God, my Uncle, and two other relatives and MY WIFE I made it out and “made it” as a Prison Guard when I got out of college.  Only to find I had much, much more untapped potential.

I found out I just scratched the surface. 

By What Authority Do I Have To Address This With You Now? 

First I admit that I do not have ALL of this figured out.  I am FAR from perfect.  I have problems, issues, frustrations every damn day.  I am always learning and always working on myself to be better and to reach my potential. 

So, don’t take this as me thinking I have it all figured out.  I don’t. 

But what I DO KNOW IS that I am WAY AHEAD of 99% of men in ALL of these areas.  I know because I talk to them every day.   

Here are a few reasons why men, especially investors, are asking me what to do so they can reach their potential…

*I am 53 years old and can do more pullups, push-ups and bench press more than most men ½ my age and I am in great shape and have been for years and years.  

*I have a smoking hot relationship with Gina that has gone on for over 33 years!  A lot of fun, connection and intimacy with very little drama and BS.  She is my WHY!

*I have three kids that love and adore me.  My relationship with them is so SOLID that nothing can break it.  They are successful and know me as the leader of the family.  Love, honor and respect me and I am so proud of them too. 

*I have a business that kicks ass!  I sell over 80% of apartment communities in my area and own over 1,000 units with hundreds of partners IN IOWA! 

*I have helped start and co-own a bank, sat on its board of directors and helped facilitate the sale of the bank too.

And again, I thought I “made it” when I was a prison guard living in a 2-bedroom apartment.

And here I am now and it is hard to believe sometimes AND I have so much more to do.

So, these are not ALL of the reasons that men, especially investors and business men, continue to ask me these things outside of investing, but they are a few of the more discussed ones.  Many men know this and know they could be doing better in reaching their potential.   They know what I have done and continue to do in these areas and so, they ask. 

Could 2020 Finally Be Your Year To Reach Your True Potential?

For the first time ever I have decided to offer one on one No More Making Fucking Excuses and Finally Reach Your Potential coaching to men who are not satisfied with their current results and want to take their businesses and personal life to all new levels.

To be held accountable.  To reach the man they can truly be as an investor, father and husband. 

Each one on one session is personally delivered by me and is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities either missed, overlooked or frankly ignored for a man to reach their potential in their personal and business lives as well as their bodies.  Results that extend past having a “good day” here and there and a “big win” once in a awhile.  These would be results that not only change their lives but also the lives of those around them.

Each session will also include an easily executable action plan to maximize and harness those opportunities for potential being reached. By using my unique approach and leveraging my experiences in these areas using my tools and tactics you will be able to be on that road to realizing your full potential. 

This is no BS.  This is not a bunch of theory, books, CDs or videos.  This IS Real!  Real execution of maps to true potential.

"First we will identify the roadblocks and the BS that has been getting in the way.  We will have frank and possibly tough conversations about your goals, barriers, needs, and vision. Then, we will put into place processes and maps to help you realize the performance results and/or expansion you are looking for in your personal and business life.  Super, super powerful movements that will become habit!
    – Darin Garman

I will work with you one on one from my office, to map out the custom solutions necessary for you in hitting those targets you have been missing out on all this time BUT KNOW YOU SHOULD BE. This is done for you and engineered to fit your desired outcomes and ensure you are operating at your peak at all times.

Get rid of the you that has been the version of you that has kept you in the place you don’t belong.  Stop lying!  Reach your potential and fly with the Eagles.

Limited Time, Positions and Opportunity For Real Men

If what I have said here so far resonates with you, if you feel like we have known each other for a very long time, and know I AM talking to you, then, this is probably for you.  A few cautions though. 

First, this is a limited opportunity based on my availability over the coming year.  Once enrolled we will schedule your one full day session, or, six two-hour coaching sessions with me.  This will be based on what is convenient for me not you.  Second, there is limited availability and first come first served.  So, it is best to email the office FIRST to make sure I am not at capacity before enrolling  Email Darin Here!.  Third, I am your worst nightmare when it comes to accountability, so, if you cannot be on time and continue your excuse BS or cannot do what is required then save us some time and don’t enroll.  This is for men that want to reach their potential.  Fourth, once you sign up you will get a full questionnaire from me to complete and get back to me for us to get started.  This will serve as the base for where we go in getting you where you can and should be in creating your maps and then on your way to reality.  Fifth, I do NOT have to do this, so I don’t care if you enroll in this or not.   Many men have been “with me” on this for quite a while, so, I think it is time to get this rolling but I may be wrong.  If there is not enough interest then I may make it unavailable altogether.   

Lastly, the investment in this IS substantial but the investment in yourself has always truly been the best investment you can make.    I don’t make any warranties or guaranties, but I CAN tell you that without this you will be in the same desperate place in a month, year, three years WONDERING what would have happened IF you enrolled and had me take you to your potential. 

What if? 

Or continue lying to and bullshitting yourself.  It is and always has been up to you!

Darin Garman

 Email Darin Here!


One on One Coaching Sessions
  • 6 Scheduled monthly action meetings
  • 6 month strategic planning, coaching & follow up
  • Emphasis on implementation & accountability

Fellow Investor - Decide if you would prefer the all day one on one coaching and consulting session with Darin, or, the 6 monthly one on one phone/video conference sessions with Darin.  If you have questions for Darin about this one on one coaching program Email Darin Here! Once you decide and submit payment our office will be in touch with you to schedule your sessions.

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One on One Coaching Sessions
  • Full one on one day with Darin
  • Leave with maps & strategies to implement & follow
  • Follow up & check in sessions available post coaching day

Fellow Investor - Decide if you would prefer the all day one on one coaching and consulting session with Darin, or, the 6 monthly one on one phone/video conference sessions with Darin.  If you have questions for Darin prior to investing in the coaching You Can Email Him Here! Once you decide and submit payment our office will be in touch with you to schedule your sessions.

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