Why Investors Are Starting Their Very Own Real Estate Funds AND How You Can Too!
Below I Describe How To Start, Operate and Manage Your Very Own Real Estate FUND And Make 20 Years of Financial Progress In Just A Matter of A Few Short Years!

Long ago a mentor of mine told me the following:

“What Is One Man’s Need Is Another Man’s Opportunity”.  And he was exactly right.  This is not about doing things that are NOT morally, ethically and legally viable. 

This IS just fact.  “It is what it is.” 

So, what does this have to do with starting your very own real estate fund?  Plenty…

Because if there was ever, ever a time to have your very own real estate fund (partnership/syndication) teed up and ready to go – NOW would be that time.


Well, back to my mentor’s “What Is One Man’s Need Is Another’s Opportunity”.  Simply put, throughout 2022 and for years to come there will be a flood of people wanting, needing and preferring to RENT vs. OWN.  Of course I am talking about people renting an apartment vs. owning their own home.   In my book “Renter Nation”, available on my web site or at Amazon.com,  I go into deep discussion as to WHY SO MANY WILL RENT!  For years!

Now, don’t mistake this for me saying that no one will want to buy their own homes.  Of course, there will be many, many homes and condos sold to owner occupants and also to investors too.  No doubt about it.


DEEP research shows that more and more people will have to and want to rent the most affordable they can.  This trend will continue to grow and grow and grow.  This research and my own experience over the last 30 years led me to the title of the book – “RENTER NATION” because that is exactly what we are now and what we are becoming more and more of as each day goes by.

In short it becomes a basic case of economics.  Supply vs. demand.  As demand increases for something and the supply continues to decrease the value of that supply will continue to expand! 

In this case that “supply” is apartment communities.

Over the coming 6 – 18 months there will be multi-family investing and purchasing opportunities that will be able to be purchased at deep, deep discounts compared to what their value will be in years to come. 

Case in point – My daughters 4 plex.   A simple no frills 4 plex located in I O W A!

Last year my daughter Madisen and her boyfriend Brandon bought a 4 plex property for $197,000 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  In less than one year they can sell this same property for $300,000!  

Let those numbers sink in a second….. 

Why the increase in value, so quickly???

TWO reasons really….

The first is of course what we have already been discussing - Tenant D E M A N D!!

In short, because of tenant demand there is a window of time right now and over the coming months where you will be able to purchase multi-family and even commercial properties at incredible ONCE IN A GENERATION prices.  That is right I said ONCE IN A GENERATION!

But that is one reason.  There is actually another reason too that prices will continue to climb…

Privy To A Conversation of “What Do We Do Now?”

I was on a conference call the other day with other “smart and sophisticated” real estate owners and investors from all over the US.  These guys, supposedly, are regarded as some of the smartest investors and property owners in the country. 

And what do you think was the most discussed topic on the call?

It was a whining and complaining “fest” of not being able to find enough good multi-family properties to purchase!  Or, woe is me, we have all of this capital available but not able to find good multi-family properties, so, how do we change our business strategies so that we can own more and more multi-family?   

Remember, these were supposed to be people that should already know the answer to this and should ALREADY KNOW how to find the multi-family properties they were missing out on – it was these guys that were complaining…

Even this was a call of smart folks I was not surprised since my research was telling me about the continuing rising demand from renters wanting and needing to rent – we HAVE covered that…

But follow me on this because this is the most important part of what you will read here….

These are INVESTORS that are talking about demand to own.  The immediate takeaway message I got from this call was not only will tenant demand for wanting and needing to rent cause multi-family values to increase SO WILL THE CONTINUED DEMAND FROM INVESTORS WANTING TO OWN THESE PROPERTIES – EVEN COMPETE TO OWN further driving prices up and up and up! 

This was supposed to be a group of the some of the smartest real estate investment owners and investors around and they were talking about how they were going to be competing against each other in order to purchase and own more and more multi-family.

So, what should you, the investor, take from this little bit of insight?

Well, you have not one but TWO sources of what I consider continuing increases in the cash flow and value of multi-family properties in 2022 and beyond…

1.  Demand from tenants to rent.  Thereby rents increase and cash flow increases.
2.  Demand from investors to buy.  Thereby prices rise as investors compete to buy.

This will be a two headed profit monster that will drive up the cash flow and value of multi-family now and in the future too.

And unfortunately, most investors will miss this.  Most investors will be amused at what is going on here, they will even notice and think about getting involved in owning – but most won’t.

Why?    Because they do not understand this simple principal.


“What One Man’s Need Is Another Man’s Opportunity”.

Believe me, I KNOW THIS IS COMING!   Hell, it is here now…

And brothers and sisters this is why you need to be ready!  This is a perfect example of already seeing what is to come!  There is no crystal ball needed, no tarot cards or even expert economists needed to know what is coming.  Because it is already here and will be here for a long time…

These buying opportunities will present themselves.  As I mentioned you will see some pricing that has not been seen in a generation and won’t be seen again in a long, long time.

So, what do you do?

You get your real estate fund organized and ready!  RIGHT NOW! 


I have more experience in creating, managing and running partnerships and syndications than anyone!

For a limited time and for a limited number of investors in 2022 I will be assisting a small group of investors in building their very own fund or expanding their very own real estate investment partnership(s) — to take advantage of the purchasing opportunities to come!

Whether you are a first time or experienced investor nothing will beat the leverage and financial benefits in income, fees and equity of a well-run and managed real estate partnership to give you the ability to not just acquire one property but to acquire many and more and larger properties. 

If you have ever thought of having your very own REAL ESTATE FUND OR real estate partnership, then this is for you.

Right now, I am offering investors personal one on one coaching in creating, growing or expanding your next real estate (fund) partnership. 

For almost 32 years I have worked with and coached some of the most successful apartment community owners in the U.S. Working closely with either top CEO’s, Manager’s and Decision Makers I have created for custom program maps and strategies allowing my clients to create or expand profitable real estate partnership opportunities using real estate partnerships and funds.

Over the years I have been used by and consulted with many (both small and large) apartment community partnerships, commercial real estate funds and many “well heeled” entrepreneurs throughout the U.S. and have been responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in acquisitions and increased revenue.

For a few investors I will be offering creating/expanding (fund) partnership coaching to individual apartment community owners, private investors, business leaders, CEO’s and owners/managers who want to use this window of opportunity RIGHT NOW to take their investment real estate business (multi-family or commercial) and life to all new levels.  This is ONLY for 2022.  


Each of my one on one sessions is personally delivered by me and is uniquely designed to get you and your own real estate fund up and running as soon as possible with your new, existing or expanding real estate (fund) partnership. 

I will be using my 30+ years of experience to create an action plan to maximize and harness those (fund) and partnership opportunities for upcoming buying opportunities and improved operations and CONTINUED EXPANSION! By using MY unique approach to the creation and use of (funds) partnerships, my proprietary partnership and syndication creations and expansion strategies, tools and tactics you will be able to streamline, innovate and maximize the purchase opportunities to come in even more profitable ways that you can imagine.

And…in far, far less time too.

First, I will identify your partnership/syndication goals, barriers, needs, and vision using the backdrop of the COMING WAVE OF DEMAND FROM TENANTS AND INVESTORS. Then, we will put into place processes and maps to help you quickly take advantage of and profit from the immediate real estate investment opportunities available now (and that will appear in the coming months) and provide you with the methods of achieving the results and/or expansion you are looking for.

Over the coming months I will work one on one with you from my office, to map out the custom solutions necessary for your hyper growth and wealth creation during the coming months. This is done for you and your team if necessary, engineered to fit your desired apartment (or other commercial / investment real estate) ownership and investment outcomes and ensure your apartment partnership, syndication (fund) is operating at its peak at all times and frankly coming out 10X where you were PRIOR TO IT!


Many will know this is what they should be doing and should have started this already!  Many more maybe even have already thought of this.  Few will act and few will prosper as a result.

This is NOT for everybody, however, those that do will tell stories to their children or even grandchildren about what they did DURING THE GREATEST TRANSFORMATION OF WEALTH we have seen and what a story it will be for those few.

If you feel that you are ready complete and submit the application below.  There is no obligation other than a willingness to invest in yourself and in a process that is going to be a financial gamechanger for a few.  


Darin Garman


Get personal one on one SPECIAL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF CREATING YOUR VERY OWN FUND, PARTNERSHIP, EXPANSION coaching with Darin Garman.  No one is better nor has more experience.

  • One on One, full day face to face meeting with Darin Garman.
  • Duplicatable!  Use Capital Raising, Property Finding and Asset Management Maps and Processes Over and Over Again in Creating Real Estate Funds and Partnerships!
  • In Most Cases The Investment Pays For Itself AFTER YOUR FIRST SUCCESSFUL PARTNERSHIP using Darin's proprietary partnership outcomes in FINDING THE DEALS, PURCHASING THEM, MANAGING THEM and then using my FEE and INCOME structures to take your investing game and life to a whole different level!
  • Fund, Partnership and syndication action plans and maps PERSONALLY constructed for you by me.
  • Use of my Proprietary Forms, Marketing Materials and Calendars and Partner Communication Strategies You Take With You.
  • Hard cold truth about what you will need to, how to implement and the timetables to execute to be able to accomplish your dreams and goals in the coming months.
  • Confidentiality
  • Advice about your business, personal life or finances as they do ultimately connect to being in a much better financial place months from now.
  • Custom step by step partnership and syndication strategies and maps to USE NOW to take back and implement immediately.
  • Opportunity to get continued support from Darin after your session.  I won’t abandon you after our one on one coaching session.  I will be available for ongoing support when needed.
  • Optional meeting online (ZOOM, etc.) vs. in person (though Darin recommends in person meetings – Yes EVEN during COVID 19).
  • There will be an ORIENTATION ZOOM call or phone conference call PRIOR TO our FULL COACHING DAY that will prepare you for not only the day with me but for what is to come as you get your own real estate fund going.  

***Darin Garman’s***
One Page Start Your Own Real Estate Fund / Partnership Mentoring Application

Payment Details

Application To Be Submitted
  • You will use my templated fund, partnership and syndication creation process and adapt it to the HUGE opportunities to come.
  • Process and systems can be used over and over with partnership forms, agreements and marketing materials used by Darin provided.
  • Have your very Own real estate fund, syndication and/or partnership up and running or expanding in days.  There will be opportunity for continued support post meeting.

Payment Details

Application To Be Submitted
  • You will use my templated fund, partnership and syndication creation process and adapt it to the HUGE opportunities to come.
  • Process and systems can be used over and over with partnership forms, agreements and marketing materials used by Darin provided.
  • Have your very Own real estate fund, syndication and/or partnership up and running or expanding in days.  There will be opportunity for continued support post meeting.

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